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Natural and Organic Beauty Care



100% No Nasties.

We place so much importance on what we put in our bodies, so why shouldn't we place as much importance as to what we put on our bodies? Everyday we damage our skin without even realising it. It is exposed to harsh pollutants and toxins from the environment, and absorbs the chemicals found in our makeup and skincare products.

We started Keokeo so that we could give our skin, and yours, the love it finally deserves through all natural products. Keokeo is free of all bullshit. 

We want you to be proud of what you put on your skin. Our natural and organic beauty care products will make you feel healthy from the inside out. While our products will help improve the look of your skin through natural ingredients - afterall, Keokeo does mean “spotless” in Hawaiian - it will also have you feeling great internally and relaxed.


Natural. Organic. Silky touch.

At Keokeo, we believe that a happy and healthy glow is a matter of feeling beautiful from the inside out. If you give your skin healthy ingredients to absorb, it will give you back a gorgeous overall glow full of health and vitality.

Why Keokeo?

Bullshit free





As we all know, no one is the same, just as no skin is the same. But we are however, exposed to the same harsh environment on a daily basis. Keokeo will be your best friend, by helping you fight off the harshness of the world, and providing you with a healthy life, starting with your skin.

Your Keokeo Team