About us

Our story

Our skin is our body’s biggest organ and our shield from the outside world, the protection layer that holds our body together. Many people don't know the importance of treating your skin with love, what we put on our skin absorbs into the skin and into the body. You’d be amazed by the difference in the way you feel when you take good care of it and let it breath instead of neglecting it and taking it for granted.

At Keokeo we believe that a happy and healthy sparkle is a matter of feeling beautiful from the inside out. If you give your skin the best possible ingredients to absorb, it will give you just that best possible youthful sparkle full of health and vitality back.

After realising the damage we might have caused our skin over the last years by allowing it to absorb toxins and chemicals from our beauty products, we realised we weren’t as informed about what was truly good for us. We spent months looking for products with natural and organic ingredients. We ended up strolling through organic grocery stores to purchase natural and organic hair care without nice scent nor packaging we liked or we bought coconut oil that we would use as a substitution for beauty products from head to toe. Then we finally decided to create a beauty brand that we could trust to be free from bullshit with a luxurious feeling and amazing scent.

Why Keokeo?

  • Sulfate-free. Paraben-free. Cruelty-free
  • Vegan 
  • Natural
  • Bullshit free

Every skin is different. But every skin is exposed to the same damaging environment on a daily basis. We believe in one solution: happy ingredients = happy you.

Your keokeo Team