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About Us

Our Story

Keokeo started as a small idea on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii when two best friends decided to embark on a journey to paradise and escape the busy life that a bustling city brings.

With their new backyard being a place of lush natural scenery, they spent their days swimming in the clear blue Hawaiian waters, eating organically sourced food and smelling the intoxicating scents of the island.

The low-stress Hawaiian lifestyle gave them serious health benefits - their complexion was glowing, soft and clear as ever. As a result, they instantly became inspired by the natural skincare of Hawaii, with natural ingredients sourced from the lush islands.

When the two best friends came back from their trip to Hawaii, they wanted to be more active in this topic and started researching for ideal ingredients for their skin. They spent months looking for products with natural and organic ingredients. 

They ended up strolling through organic grocery stores to purchase natural and organic skincare. Nothing they saw or used had a nice scent or packaging that spoke to them. 

They finally decided to create a beauty brand that they could trust was free of bullshit, and offered a luxurious skin treatment.

Your Keokeo Team