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Why should I choose natural and organic hair care?

by The Keokeo Family |  | 1 comment

Have you ever been standing in the isle of beauty care products and wondered what to pick from the endless choices the shelves offer today? Would you take a high-priced product to ensure good quality or would you maybe take a product whose brand you recognise? Would you fall for marketing slogans or would you read the back of the packaging to ensure natural ingredients? Would you ask your friends for a recommendation? Does your head hurt from all the things you have to consider when buying… a beauty product?!
Well, let´s make your life easier and save you from that head spin. 

Natural ingredients are key. Your skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ so why shouldn’t it deserve the attention the rest of your body gets? Everything you put on your skin and your scalp gets absorbed into your body and into your blood stream. 
At Keokeo we have chosen Coconut Oil as one of our main ingredient in our product. This since it’s the most nutrient rich, natural, multifunctional product recognised today.
Here is why:
Coconut Oil for Skin - its natural antioxidant properties make it great for aging skin and irritations.
Coconut Oil for Body - the oil’s concentration of beneficial fats make it helpful for digestion. It also aids in fighting irritation and infections in the gut due to its antimicrobial properties. It’s also shown to be beneficial for focus and mental performance, natural hormone production and immune support. And last but not least - it’s amazing for cooking! It has amazing nutritional properties so you can use it for basically anything - for baking, cooking, for sauces, or even for your morning coffee to support your digestion!
Coconut Oil for Hair - with it’s nourishing properties and its unique fat composition, coconut oil can be used as a hair mask or anti-frizz oil and is an amazing moisturiser for hair. 

Now, isn’t that one hell of a super ingredient? Well, that’s what we thought and introduced it as a main ingredient in our hair mask. We have also added other incredibly benefitting natural ingredients like organic aloe vera, almond oil, apricot kernel oil and quite a few others - if you keep up with us, we promise to tell you all about it!
Add a drop to the tip of your hair after showering or simply leave it in over night and your hair will thank you!
Keep up with the amazing benefits of our hair mask and natural beauty care in general- follow our blog! 

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  • natural hair care products on March 13, 2018

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