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Skincare Menu for Winter

by The Keokeo Family |

Getting your skin through winter is always kind of a project. No one likes that awkward feeling of having their pants soak up the fatty creme you just put on, yet you don’t want your skin to be itching dry either!

How do you fix this problem? Try our 7 course skincare menu to help your skin get through the brutal winter months:

1. Keep your showers short

The temptation for a long hot shower on a cold winter day is inevitable. But keep it short - the hot water will strip your skin of moisture. Try to keep your showers under 10 minutes and do not shower more than once a day.

2. Handle your hands with care

The constant change between the wet and dry of washing your hands repeatedly will suck the moisture out of your skin. Instead use wipe-offs, soap-free cleaners or alcohol free hand sanitisers and finish off with hydrating hand lotion.

Shea butter’s concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins makes it incredibly nourishing, moisturising and gives your skin a silky finish. Keokeo whipped Shea Butter coming soon ;) Sign up for our newsletter if you want to know when!!

3. Trap moisture

That awkward feeling of putting on pants after applying on a fatty creme - is actually good for you. Anything that traps moisture on your skin helps the creme soak in. So wrap up in anything that will keep the moisture in. Even wearing gloves for an hour after having put on hand cream will help.

Try our Shea Butter, in store soon, for a silky, non fatty, feeling.

4. Scrub away dry patches

You can soften dry patches on places, like elbows and knees, with a natural scrub followed by a hydrating creme. Make sure to only use natural ingredients for any skin care products especially in winter, as your skin rapidly absorbs anything to keep your core warm.

You can try a self-made scrub by mixing honey and sugar, as studies have shown that honey reduces inflammation and the external use of sugar increases circulation in the skin.

Or you can try our natural Acai & Goji Berry Scrub filled with concentrated superfoods we will launch soon :) Sign up for our newsletter to know when!

5. Exfoliate

Scrub away piled up dead cells by giving your skin a gentle scrub (eg. Acai & Goji Berry Scrub) Trust me, it’s so worth it, you’ll literally feel like a newborn.

6. Sick of dry feet?

Try the following for a month: scrub your feet at night (eg. Acai & Goji Berry Scrub), put on hydrating lotion (eg. Shea Butter), and then put on socks to wear overnight. The result is magical.

7. Sleep in soft material

Naturally, you will feel if a fabric soothes or irritates your skin. At night it is especially important to give your skin a good rest, too. A cotton or cotton flannel pyjama is particularly good for your skin. Be careful to avoid synthetic fibers.

Ready for winter?



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