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Skincare Menu for Winter

by The Keokeo Family |

Getting your skin through winter is always kind of a project. No one likes that awkward feeling of having their pants soak up the fatty creme you just put on, yet you don’t want your skin to be itching dry either! How do you fix this problem? Try our 7 course skincare menu to help your skin get through the...

We love Aloe Vera

by The Keokeo Family |

We assume that you have heard about the benefits of using Aloe vera on your skin? Aloe vera contains two hormons called: Auxin and Gibberellins, these two reduce skin inflammation and is known to have a healing effect on the skin. This is why Aloe vera is especially good to use on dry or damaged skin such as...

Why should I choose natural and organic hair care?

by The Keokeo Family |  | 1 comment

Have you ever been standing in the isle of beauty care products and wondered what to pick from the endless choices the shelves offer today? Would you take a high-priced product to ensure good quality or would you maybe take a product whose brand you recognise? Would you fall for marketing slogans or would you read the...